UK solar investor and developer Orta Solar has launched a series of photovoltaics operations and maintenance packages to suit systems from 20kW to 5MW. The company, which delivers commercial, agricultural and corporate roll-outs of solar PV systems, has 90MW and constructed or financed 30MW of UK solar to date.

Prices for an annual documented inspection package start at £650 for a 50kW system while larger installations are provided with a team of full-time staff who work on site to maintain the system operation through professionally documented condition and performance reporting.

“Over the last year we have become increasingly aware of the need for a professional and structured service that supports the end client or investor not just by maintaining the system, but by keeping them professionally informed of it’s output and overall health,” said Nick Pascoe, Orta Solar’s Managing Director.

“We’re setting out to build a great long lasting relationship with clients and support the original installers or developers to ensure that the installed system delivers the output that was intended,” said Kate Covill Chief Executive Officer for Orta Solar.

Additional elements of the Orta Solar service include:

  • PV system performance monitoring: real time output monitoring displays, system tuning, documented performance reporting and alarm response
  • Preventative maintenance: documented inspection reporting, frequency to suit agreed O&M obligations. mid Voltage DC, 1st level central and distributed inverter maintenance, HV routine maintenance.
  • Corrective maintenance: low voltage 1st level fault alarm response and post storm call out
  • Corrective maintenance: high voltage 1st level and post storm call out (UK authorised HV policies and personnel)
  • Cleaning: panel upkeep using de-mineralised water, essential to retain good performance. Dirty panels produce up to 10% less kWh
  • Landscape management: sheep grazed or mechanical grass management, tree management, wildlife management
  • Security, fire & pest control: 24/7 alarm monitoring, 15 minute response and regular patrols
  • Spares management: storage, issue/re-order and annual stocktaking.

Orta Solar is also offering a commission of 10% of the first year fee to any installer or developer that connects their installed clients to the service.