Our Solar Future, who runs the Cut Don’t Kill Campaign, has issued a plea to the industry to help it gather real-market data on the current condition of the UK solar market.

The organisation acknowledges that the last six months in the solar industry have been turbulent to say the least but the latest round of installation figures has the movement more than a little concerned with the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) handling of the FiT scheme for solar PV.

The apparent freefall in the solar market has led to industry clamouring for DECC to pump the brakes on plans to cut the FiT rate for the second time in four months. As a result, Our Solar Future are looking to accurately gauge the impact of DECC’s swingeing cuts on installers. The organisation is trying to determine where solar businesses currently stand and the wider state of the market by issuing a survey circulated to all its members.

Our Solar Future hopes that any data provided to them can help dissuade DECC from implementing two further cuts to the FiT rate planned this year. The survey can be found here and should be filled out no later than April 23.

The survey will mark another important step for the UK solar industry in engaging in an open dialogue with DECC to accurately portray the state of the market. Filling out the survey will help Our Solar Future provide DECC with further evidence on current market conditions post-April 1 and help shape an improved FiT scheme for all parties involved.