Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, an Oxford-based company involved in the development of processes for the production of solar cells, has restructured its organisation in order to “sharpen” its focus on its main target customer groups.

Effective from 1 April, the company has been reorganised into three business groups – Nanotechnology Tools, Industrial Products and Service. These groups encompass product management, technical review and sales support, product and process configuration and development, and are supported by the company’s global sales and customer support team.

Dan Ayres, managing director at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology commented: “We are confident that our decision to reshape the company will result in even better effectiveness, innovation and customer experience. Our customers are the key to Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology’s success, and we are sure that this structural change will enhance our customers’ experience through the increased focus our teams will bring to bear on their areas of expertise.

“Our business has trebled in size since 2006, and building on the success of recent years, we are creating a structure and environment aligned with our strategy that supports our further growth.

“It is important that we respond to the needs of our customers, by better aligning ourselves to the markets we address, to ensure maximum product performance. In today’s demanding markets, we have taken the opportunity at the start of our financial year to restructure and focus on this challenge. This, together with the confidence that our strategy and investment in product and process will drive further expansion in the near future, will enable our business to grow both efficiently and profitably.”