The battle of the chemistries has long been alluded to in the energy storage space, and nowhere with greater frequency than with reference to battery chemistries.

Lithium ion and its various subchemistries rule the roost in many areas including consumer electronics and EVs. However as we have seen recently, advanced lithium batteries and the even the legacy of lead acid mean that the battle of the chemistries is far from over.

Solar Power Portal's sister site, PV Tech Storage, spoke to Dr Mark Crittenden of UK firm Oxis Energy about his company’s work with lithium sulfur. He explained why OXIS believes that with a theoretical energy density five times greater than lithium ion, the material is well worth the “calculated gamble” to develop.

The company's clients include military customers, with batteries subjected to tests that include the firing of live bullets.

Audio/Visual and additional reporting by Fergus March.