Japanese electronics giant, Panasonic Solar, has launched a Facebook page in the UK in order to reach a new demographic of solar customers. Panasonic Solar is the first solar manufacturer to turn to the ubiquitous social networking site to help foster greater contact with end users in the UK.

Customers who ‘like’ Panasonic Solar UK’s Facebook page will be granted instant access to comprehensive and fast feedback information on all things solar in the UK. The company will be offering a direct service whereby customers can get in touch with Panasonic’s resident PV expert, ‘Mr HIT’, who will answer questions on products, technology and solar PV’s effectiveness.   

The newly-launched Facebook page will also screen Britain’s first solar soap – a series of shorts following a family’s journey towards owning their own PV system, from planning to first metering. The page will also run a series of exclusive promotions, kicking off with the chance to win a LUMIX camera by posting interesting pictures of the sun.  

The company hopes to foster an online community of solar enthusiasts where anyone with an interest in photovoltaics, from owners to installers, can share their experiences and discuss solar with like-minded people. The page will also offer several tools designed to help consumers, including a solar calculator and installer search.