Smart home technology firm PassivSystems has announced that it will supply Cleaner Air Solutions with 10,000 of its solar PV monitoring systems, enabling the solar PV distributor’s customers to protect their assets and simplify the feed-in-tariff process.

PassivSystems collects data directly from the generation meter instead of the inverter, so the information on solar panel performance is accurate and can be used for the feed-in-tariff.  Customers can remotely receive their meter readings whenever they want, which for Registered Social Landlords with potentially thousands of installs, removes a huge administrative burden.

“Our extensive experience in the distribution and installation of solar PV equipment has shown us that effective monitoring is arguably the most critical element of the whole process,” said Terry Skee, Commercial Director at Cleaner Air Solutions. “It is essential for recording production and claiming the feed-in-tariff and will have an enormous impact on landlords with multiple properties, so it was crucial for us to choose the best monitoring system available. PassivSystems was both straight forward to use and incredibly effective, so it was an obvious choice for us in the end.”

“The UK has seen solar PV installations take-off in the last year but this investment must be protected,” said Colin Calder, CEO, PassivSystems. “Deployment of renewable energy is vital to managing the UK’s energy sources. But confidence and momentum across the entire renewable industry could be damaged if those who invest in solar PV, whether social landlord or consumer, aren’t seeing a return on their investment. That Cleaner Air Solutions, which provides solar PV equipment to more than a third of UK installers should choose PassivSystems to monitor performance, is a ringing endorsement of our technology.”

Users and system owners will be able to keep track of the performance of their PV system on either the PassivLiving remote diagnostic monitoring portal or the hand-held touchscreen PassivController. They will receive an alert if the system is under-performing and Cleaner Air Solutions or the installer can then provide the appropriate maintenance support.

The deal with PassivSystems will see every solar PV system installed directly by Cleaner Air Solutions or supplied to an installer come with the PassivSystems solar PV monitoring system. The solar PV monitoring system is a part of PassivEnergy, the home energy management service launched by PassivSystems in 2010.