Copella Farm in Boxford, home to the orchards that make Copella apple juice, has installed a 150kW rooftop array.

The farm in Suffolk is owned by Copella Fruit Juices, subsidiary of US food and beverage conglomerate PepsiCo.

The site comprises 600 solar panels, and is part of a Pepsico initiative to encourage staff to suggest more environmentally sustainable ideas. The rooftop installation was suggested by local employees at Copella Farm.

Dave Clark, sustainability manager at PepsiCo UK said the installation generated enough energy in one week to power an average UK home for a year.

Minister of state for climate change, Greg Barker also said on the farm’s installation: “It’s extremely encouraging that PepsiCo are taking a lead by reducing their carbon footprint, and I encourage all manufacturers wherever possible to follow PepsiCo’s example and turn their rooftops into power stations.”

The solar installation is part of many other initiatives from PepsiCo to improve its carbon footprint, and its ambition make UK manufacturing fossil fuel free by 2023.

The installation work was carried out by Joju Solar.