Phono Solar modules have received the salt mist corrosion certificate from Inertek Testing Services, in accordance with the IEC61702 standard.

The test evaluates a module’s resistance to corrosion from salt mist. During the test modules are exposed to a 5% sodium chloride spray for 96 hours in a 35°C test chamber.

The module's power decline and dielectric voltage performance are then evaluated to determine the quality and uniformity of a module’s protective coatin,

“Passing the salt mist corrosion test not only indicates that Phono Solar’s modules have once again obtained the recognition of international certification authorities, but ensures that Phono Solar’s modules will continue to match customers’ expectations,” said Mr. Yuan Quan, the Vice Director of Phono Solar’s Sales and Marketing Centre.

The certification is particularly useful for those installers looking at modules for coastal installations and those with higher salt mist concentrations.