Plug Me In says the supply captured and stored by the solar and battery portion can power heat pumps and EV charging. Image: Plug Me In.

EV chargepoint and heat pump technology provider Plug Me In will now provide solar and battery storage services.

The company recently acquired Environmental Energies Limited (EEL), a residential and commercial energy infrastructure services provider, which has enabled Plug Me In to offer these additional technologies. EEL was founded in 2011 and provides large scale solar PV projects, including Slate Barn Farm in Peterborough, as well as residential and C&I servies.

With EEL’s residential portfolio integrated into Plug Me In’s offering, it will provide clean energy systems across heat pumps, battery energy storage, solar and EV infrastructure. Pitching the package to businesses and homeowners, Plug Me In says the power supply captured and stored by the solar and battery portion can power heat pumps and EV charging.

Kim Ratcliffe, managing director of Plug Me In, said: “Plug Me In is focused on pioneering innovative solutions that accelerate a clean energy transition. With the acquisition of EEL and introduction of its experienced solar and battery technicians, we can accelerate the adoption of clean energy technologies, providing seamless integration with our existing heat pump and EV infrastructure offerings.

“Our combined expertise will help individuals and businesses to embrace more sustainable practices, helping them on their journey towards net zero.”

As covered on our sister site, Current±, Plug Me In recently partnered with ScottishPower on a clean heating scheme that saw the former’s engineers install heat pumps on behalf of the latter’s Smart Solutions Division. Many domestic installations benefit from government grants like the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) and Energy Companies Obligation 4 (ECO4) which reduce upfront costs.

Plug Me In also offers no upfront cost funding options.

Solar EV charging

For businesses with EV fleets, solar car parks offer cheaper and cleaner charging. Surrey County Council installed a pop-up solar car park and EV charging hub at its Council Depot Centre. The system was delivered by solar car park firm 3ti. Its 19.3kWp Papilio3 system provides destination and workplace charging and can produce up to 18MWh of electricity in year one.