Bright Spark Solar has recently completed a 36kWp solar installation atop Plum Baby’s office building in Taplow.

Comprised of 180 200W monocrystalline solar panels and nine THEIA 3.8 HE-t inverters the project is expected to significantly reduce the company’s annual energy bills by generating an estimated 30,600kWh of solar energy each year.

“It was a clear win-win situation for us to install solar panels for our office building,” explained Heather Fenn, the Managing Director of Taplow Investments Ltd, which owns the office building.

“Our tenant Plum Baby is very environmentally conscious and encouraged us to do this, and, in addition, all our tenants are saving money on their energy bills. The feed-in tariff gives us a good return that will eventually allow us to more than pay for the installation.”

“Plum makes every effort to make responsible choices, including within our office environment,” said Amanda Jane Clark of Plum Baby.

“Along with our recycling programs and efforts to offset the CO2 emissions created during transportation of our products, the installation of alternative energy from solar power in our office building is another key way we can prove our commitment to a better environment which is also reflected in the choice of sustainably sourced organic ingredients used in all of our products.”

Commenting on the use of Eltek inverters Chris Baker, the Director of Bright Spark Solar, said: “We used Eltek’s THEIA HE-t inverters because of their exceptional efficiency in converting DC power to AC and also because the integrated web server enables us to easily monitor the facility remotely, saving the cost of on-site visits.”