Concerns over up-front costs are deterring homeowners from investing in energy efficiency measures, according to a survey.

Almost two-thirds of the 2,000 respondents to an ICM poll for Green Tomato Energy said they were put off making their homes more energy efficient because of concerns over the initial outlay required.

Low energy company Green Tomato said the results suggested low levels of public awareness of measures such as the ‘cash back’ scheme the government has launched for the Green Deal.

As a result, the company said the effectiveness of the Green Deal — and therefore efforts to cut UK carbon emissions — could be undermined.

Tom Pakenham, Chairman of Green Tomato Energy, said: “It is worrying that concerns over the initial cost outlay are holding so many people back from considering making energy reduction upgrades to their homes.

“The Green Deal clearly has great potential to help people to overcome their concerns, if the Government and business can get the message out that the initial cost outlay need not be prohibitive.”