A poll of MPs has discovered that 87% support the deployment of solar in the UK, despite moves by the Coalition government to constrain large-scale solar deployment.  

A public poll conducted by ComRes quizzed all three major political parties over their support for various renewables. More than four out of five MPs said that they supported the deployment of renewables in order to decrease dependence on oil and gas.

The survey found that 100% of those asked in the Liberal Democrat party supported solar, 96% in the Labour party; and 75% in the Conservative party.

The polling data shows that all MPs who expressed opposition to the deployment of solar were men.

Onshore wind proved to be the most unpopular renewable amongst politicians, with 78% of Conservatives opposed to its development – inline with the party’s proposals to ban their installation if they are elected.

Wave and tidal energy proved the most popular among the MPs asked with 91% stating their support for the technology. Offshore wind (83%) and Biomass (83%) enjoyed similar levels of support.

MPs’ high support of solar deployment in the UK reflects the wider public’s attitude, with solar consistently proving itself the most popular energy technology amongst the public.