The Port of Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire has said it has become carbon neutral following the completion of its solar projects last year and other energy efficiency projects.

In spring last year the port commissioned a 5MW solar array for nearby land at Liddeston Ridge, designed to complement the port’s existing rooftop solar installations and generate power for the port’s operations.

Yesterday Milford Haven Port Authority confirmed that the combined projects are now creating enough electricity to offset 102% of the port’s operational emissions, with figures from 2014 demonstrating that the port’s 2,506.24 tonnes of carbon emissions were offset by the 2,563.14 tonnes of emissions saved through renewable energy generation.

Milford Haven energy manager Tim James said that the port was delighted with the achievement and that it would continue to target “exciting future projects” to help offset its carbon footprint further.

“The solar array is a shining example of how the Port is embracing renewable energy,” said Alec Don, chief executive at the Port of Milford Haven.

“We want renewable energy to be a domestic industry for Pembrokeshire and therefore for Wales.  We are working closely with tidal and wave energy companies and Pembrokeshire’s very strong and high skill marine engineering sector to make Pembroke Port a fabrication and service centre for wave and tidal energy of all forms. 

“Becoming carbon neutral is a key demonstration of our commitment to the long term future of renewable energy and sustainable industry,” he said.