Installation work has commenced on a £1 million project to install solar on the roof of the Port of Goole, as the Association of British Ports ramps up its solar deployment programme.

More than 4,300 panels are to be installed across four rooftops at the Port of Goole, totalling around 1.1MW.

It is estimated that during peak generation times, the installation will provide enough electricity to power the port without the facility requiring any additional supply from the national grid.

Goole and Hull port manager Chris Green said that the association was proud that the facility is to become a significant generator of renewable power.

“We still have enormous potential to further develop our ports to generate yet more clean energy, reducing the carbon footprint of our businesses and of our customers’ operations.”

The install is the latest under ABP’s three-year solar roll-out programme, which installer Custom Solar won the tender for in November last year.

Its work on the Port of Immingham won this year’s Solar Power Portal award for the Commercial Rooftop Installation of the Year.