A Gloucestershire-based farmer is now able to reduce annual energy bills having installed a 50kWp system at Poulton Court Farm.

The project, begun by InstaGroup in June 2011, is expected to generate more than 36,000kWh of solar energy each year, largely reducing the farm’s reliance on the National Grid. Situated close to the Severn Estuary, the farmhouse will also benefit from the feed-in tariff payments, meaning the system will be fully paid for within just seven years.

Before installing the 204 solar panels, InstaGroup performed a survey at the farm, assessing various buildings for solar suitability. After looking at three barns, two outhouses and the farmhouse itself the company surveyor decided that the best space to use was a large cattle barn as its roof was found to be structurally sound and it was close to a small outhouse where the inverter could be conveniently located.

The project was completed in October 2011.