The paper announced the creation of a new solar installation task force. Image: Pixabay.

The UK Government’s revised energy security strategy titled Powering Up Britain, published on ‘Green Day’ (30 March) has committed to a number of measures that it predicts will double the UK’s solar portfolio by 2050.

Referencing Chris Skidmore’s independent review of the electricity market, the paper confirmed it would accept the recommendation to create a solar deployment task force for rooftop solar in commercial, industrial and domestic properties throughout the UK.

The paper also announced that the Government would no longer be making changes to categories of agricultural land that could constrain solar development.

According to the Technical Annex published by the government yesterday these new measures are expected to more than double the UK’s portfolio of solar generation projects by 2050.

Graph: UK Government.

“Solar Energy UK strongly welcomes the taskforce, which is a clear indication from the Government that it wants the UK to take full advantage of solar energy’s vast economic potential. We look forward to working closely with ministers to lay the path towards a five-fold increase in solar capacity in the UK by 2035 and addressing the key barriers to unlock the full potential of all scales of solar and energy storage,” said Chris Hewett, chief executive of Solar Energy UK.

“In particular, the new body needs to address the need for major improvements in network capacity and management, support for skills and training so the workforce can grow in line with demand for the technologies and ensure finance and markets are available for solar to be accessible to all businesses and individuals.”