UK-based building contractor, Prater, has launched a solar division specializing in energizing the building envelope in order to maximize sustainability credentials. By offering an integrated version of solar photovoltaics, the company provides UK customers with a more aesthetic approach to renewable energy generation, as well as another way of taking advantage of the country’s feed-in tariff.

“Clients can now incorporate photovoltaic panels into new and existing buildings backed by over 60 years’ experience of constructing building envelopes,” said Prater Solar’s PV Specialist Stuart Whiting. “Our new offering will help projects meet planning requirements and improve their BREEAM rating, while main contractors can be totally assured of the quality of construction.”

Prater Solar delivers a turnkey service including engineering, procurement, construction and operation to both new-build and retrofit clients. The new sector of the company provides building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) as well as building applied photovoltaics (BAPV) based solutions to deliver environmental benefits. These products can be incorporated into metal and flat roofs, wall cladding, plant screens and even curtain wall glazing.

“Our expertise helps us ensure that we deliver an income generating PV system which operates throughout a building’s design life, yet meets all structural and electrical requirements,” continued Stuart. “Compromising weather tightness or creating wind loading hazards must be avoided. In the rush to improve sustainability, ask yourself, what does your PV installer know about building construction?”

“With pedigree and reputation comes expectation, so when Prater diversifies into a new specialism, it does so with the financial standing, commitment and resources that will raise the bar in ‘energised’ building envelopes. The launch of Prater Solar therefore signifies a new stage in the BIPV and BAPV installation industry,” he concludes.