Joining the growing number of rent-a-roof companies currently working in the UK, Premier Home Solar Ltd (PHS) is now installing and maintaining solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on domestic properties, completely free of charge.

Homeowners who qualify for a free PV installation will benefit from the use of solar electricity during the day, while PHS takes the feed-in tariff payments. The company has experienced positive uptake so far, with installations spreading across Dorset, Avon, Gloucestershire and Hampshire.

Jonathan Wrigley, Managing Director of PHS said, “With electricity prices set to double over the next five years, renewable energy options are increasingly being recognised as viable alternatives for providing a home with a high percentage of its energy needs. 

“While we are in no way the first company to offer this kind of service, what sets us apart from our competitors is that no one who uses our scheme pays a single penny for either the equipment or installation, which is not a claim that many other companies in this sector can make.

“This sounds like one of those ‘too good to be true’ offers, but there really is no catch.  Our customers benefit from as much free electricity as they can use from the amount generated, while we are able to cover the cost of the equipment and installation thanks to the feed-in tariff scheme.”

To qualify for a solar installation, a house must have a south-facing roof, pitched at 35 degrees and clear of obstruction. Any property that meets these criteria is eligible for a free on-site visit from one of Premier Home Solar’s trained installation teams, who will ensure that the roof is in a suitable condition for the installation.

Should the home visit team find any issues with the roof that could prove to be a barrier to the installation – such as bowing or being in a state of generally poor repair – PHS may pay for modest repairs to ensure that the installation can take place at no cost to the homeowner.

PHS has spent two years selecting certified and accredited suppliers in a bid to ensure the highest quality parts and installations.

“Our mission is to become the leading installer of high-quality domestic solar PV and other renewable energy saving solutions across the UK.  I strongly believe that through honesty, transparency and employing only the highest calibre workforce installing the best quality systems, we will be able to accomplish this, delivering benefits to both home owners and the environment,” Wrigley concluded.