Suntech has confirmed that Jerry Stokes is leaving the company, reports PV-Tech. Vedat Gürgeli, current Vice President sales and marketing has also been officially announced as Managing Director Suntech in Europe, reporting to David King.

“We are grateful to Mr. Stokes for his significant contribution to Suntech's positioning on the European market and the long-standing relationship with our business partners and customers,” said David King, Suntech CEO. “In the future, Mr Gürgeli and the Suntech team in Europe also see a duty to promote the development of Suntech's product technology, and to support our distribution and project partners in the marketing of solar energy in Europe and further expanding their business by working closely together.”

“I am looking forward to taking up this new area of responsibility with our team. In this ever-evolving market, Suntech will further build on its foundation of a proven go-to-market strategy and recognized brand value. We will continue to provide our partners with high-class market-leading products that will be able to reliably deliver solar energy for 25 years or more,” added Gürgeli in a statement.

Vedat Gürgeli joined Suntech in 2009. He previously served as Managing Director of Conergy, working in Singapore and later Madrid, where he was responsible for the photovoltaic division of Asia Pacific and Southern Europe, respectively. He has also held various positions in international management, with Bosch in both Malaysia and Germany and with Sharp in Hamburg, Germany.