In a new guide aimed at the owners of run down mansions and estates, he said it was a “tragedy” to see such buildings abandoned, derelict or destroyed.

Not only because of the loss of heritage but because of the “terrible waste of resources” as the country struggles to become more energy efficient.

The Prince is to fit solar panels on his home in London, Clarence House, and already uses ground source heat pumps and other forms of renewable energy on his wider estate.

He said historic buildings should be leading the way in the fight against climate change by insulating roofs, harvesting rainwater and even generating their own energy.

The guide, drawn up by the Prince's Regeneration Trust, also recommends wind turbines where appropriate – despite the Prince's well known hatred of modern attachments on older buildings.

The Prince said the Green Guide to Historic Buildings brings together his two passions: architecture and the environment.

“It draws together two areas that are particularly close to my heart,” he writes in a foreword. “Firstly, the careful stewardship of the UK's rich heritage and secondly the need to protect the environment, including taking urgent action to avert the climate crisis.”