PV Kits Direct has launched a turnkey project delivery service after securing a deal with a leading international investment bank, which will provide structured finance and support to the wholesaler.

The new service launch follows months of discussions with the company’s new investment partner, which will also support PV Kits Direct’s commercial solar buy-back offer.

Laura Gooden, director of PV Kits Direct, said: “We've always offered design and supply but if the company want it we can offer turnkey through our own installers. We're using our clients who we know are good and bonafide so we're giving installation work to our own customers.

“A lot of the time when you're working with EPCs there's a lot of people in between but if we're dealing with the whole thing and clients we deal with day to day anyway, it just makes the whole thing run so much more smoothly,” she added.

Visitors to Clean Energy Live will be able to meet both companies at PV Kits’ stand, as well as learn more about the wholesaler’s range of energy storage solutions which will be on display.

Gooden added that while storage sales “started off quite well”, PV Kits has seen a dip in demand which can be attributed to a lack of knowledge in the market.

“I think people don't know how to sell it because it's not like PV where you can say ‘there's a five or six year payback’. Basically it needs to be advertised as fixing your electricity costs and saving the electric you would normally be exporting to the grid and using it for self-consumption,” she said.

PV Kits Direct is preparing new guides for installers selling storage devices to both the commercial and domestic markets to address this concern which will be made available to its clients.