Founded in 2005 in Spain, Luxen Solar Energy is a solar product manufacturer that has experienced substantial international growth, with a presence in over 90 regions globally. 

Four years after establishing its first production plant in 2011, Luxen created its automatic photovoltaic (PV) module production line, before starting a TÜV witness laboratory in 2021. 

Having received special recognition for both its influence and innovation as a PV module enterprise, Luxen’s latest offering is N-type TOPCon series, which according to foreseen development of TOPCon cells could reach a maximum of 28.7% efficiency. 

Luxen was also selected as a Tier 1 PV module manufacturer by BloombergNEF in 2022 in recognition of its brand competitiveness. 

As the company strides towards a production capacity forecast of 10GW by 2025, Solar Power Portal sat down with Alisa Papadimitriou, business development director for Europe at Luxen Solar, to discuss the efficiency offering of its N-type TOPCon cells, navigating rapidly changing solar technologies, and its long-term partnership strategies for future success. 

What countries does Luxen Solar operate in and how many GW of solar PV modules have you provided so far? 

Luxen Solar was born from the word “lux” which means light and the word “energy” referring to energy from the sunlight. 

The company’s main market is Europe, but it also operates in Asia, Africa and Australia. 

Today, Luxen has its headquarters in Austria and is building a second revolutionary production facility for the manufacturing of new solar module technologies. Luxen’s first production facility has now been operating with fully automated machines since 2015. 

Having sold over 6GW of solar PV modules so far, the company’s overall production capacity is set to reach 10GW by 2026. 

What is Series N5 TOPCon and how does it fit into the future of solar PV? 

Our N-type TOPCon series includes bifacial, full black solar modules for rooftop and ground-mounted use. It has a variety of advantages in comparison to standard technologies on the market, such as 15% more bifaciality than conventional modules. 

Series N5 and N6 TOPCon are modules made of N-type wafers doped with phosphorus, which means that they are not exposed to degradation like P-type cells. They have  significantly higher efficiency levels due to the added free electrons to the wafer; this means that, whilst p-type cells reach a maximum efficiency of 24.5%, n-type could reach 28.7% efficiency. 

The N-type TOPCon series also has a higher efficiency per m2 and lower Pmax of 0,29%/℃, allowing for high performance rates even in very hot climates. The modules also produce up to 2 hours more energy per day due to exceptional performance in low light conditions. 

Moreover, Luxen has implemented special frame technology that prevents corrosion, making the modules ideal for near-water use, whilst also being forced to carry higher loads. 

The company’s confidence in the product is demonstrated in its warranties, which are up to 8 years longer than conventional modules. 

What is the biggest challenge that solar manufacturers face and how does Luxen address them? 

The biggest challenges facing a solar product manufacturer today are the rapid changes in solar technologies. In today’s world research and development advances are very fast in every industry and solar is no exception. 

Solar cell developments dictate the direction of solar module development and fast changes are eminent. Very few manufacturers are able to respond quickly enough to these changes because, to keep up with the technology, substantial and continuous investments in new machinery is necessary. 

Luxen Solar closely follows all technologies and ensures it offers clients the technology that is best suited to their project, considering not only its advantages, but also keeping in mind the fast Return on Investments (ROIs) of every investor. 

What are Luxen’s biggest strengths? 

Luxen is oriented towards long-term business relationships that are built on trust and transparency. Exceptional customer service is one of the most important things to us. This involves fast replies to queries and answering calls to assistance in a timely manner, without fail. Clients appreciate when they have a partner they can rely on, who is honest, always keeps them updated, and is solution oriented. Our team consists of solution-orientated innovators. 

Luxen’s business model is to only have long-term partnerships in every country we operate. We establish partnerships with companies that share the same vision and passion for state-of-the-art technology and want a reliable, stable and honest partner, who can help them grow, offer them round-the-clock support and offer advice on the most recent technology. 

In addition, customers understandably want partners they can rely on and Luxen’s steady growth, realistic goals, and meticulously considered strategy, are a few of the biggest advantages the company offers its clients. 

Other advantages include a good financial understanding, and always keeping pace with the newest innovations to provide the clients with the most advanced technology. 

What does the future hold for Luxen? 

Luxen has almost two decades of research and development experience, having always followed the most innovative trends within the industry. This approach has secured us some prestigious awards, seeing the company recognised as one of the ‘most Influential PV Module Enterprise’ by Solarbe Global in 2022 and one of the ‘most Innovative PV Module enterprise 2020-2021’ by SolarenPV. 

We continuously keep up with fast-paced developments in solar and it is always an advantage for customers to have a partner who can always offer them the latest technology. Obsolete technologies cannot provide the desired performance, whilst newer, more advanced technologies are often very expensive and can slow down a company’s ROI. Luxen has found the perfect middle ground to provide customers with fast ROI with affordable, innovative technologies. 

Luxen will maintain this approach as it continues to expand. 

Luxen’s new website can be found here.