Image: Andreas Gücklhorn (unsplash).

In the second edition of our new series, Solar Power Portal talked to Solar Media’s head of market research Finlay Colville about land-use and solar power planning permission.

Understanding the record level of UK solar farm capacity approved in planning during 2022 takes a look at the sites coming through the system and the public perception of solar.

In the run up to the Conservative leadership election, there has been a strong focus on both energy and food security, with both candidates – Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss – launching an attack on solar due to its land use.

Solar covers just 0.1% of UK land, and is ground-mount installations are almost exclusively built on land not designated as best and most versatile.

Despite the criticisms, solar is continuing to go from strength to strength in Britain with a record number of projects coming through planning in 2022.

Listen to the discussion with Colville here:

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