East Riding Council has selected Redland’s roof-integrated Mini Stonewold Solar tile for its latest social housing scheme. Initially 100 houses will be fitted with the technology, while a further 231 across 33 sites are waiting in the pipeline.

The Mini Stonewold tiles were chosen by the council due to their ability to integrate seamlessly into the rooftop, ensuring optimum weather tightness as well as aiding mandatory compliance with level 4 of the CFSH.

Simon Button, Principle Architect for East Riding Council said, “The East Riding of Yorkshire Council always focuses on good quality building materials for its projects taking into account appearance, durability and cost. The affordable housing scheme also promoted the use of Green Guide A+ rated building products. For all these reasons Redland was included in the project specification.”

“The project had to comply with a rigorous set of design criteria, including the Code for Sustainable Homes, Lifetime Homes standard in new developments and the Secured by Design scheme,” he continued.

East Riding’s development was initiated in 2009 when the Homes and Communities Agency awarded £20.162 million to the Council to create £45million worth of affordable housing. The first stage of the project commenced in August 2010 and is now nearing completion.