The new REDtip roof anchor, purpose-designed and developed for UK roofs by a UK manufacturer, is expected to reduce the need for grinding or cutting of slates and tiles.

REDtip has designed its latest hooks specifically for plain or rosemary tiles, large format flat tiles, profiled pan tiles and other slates used in the UK.

To complement the new anchors REDtip has also introduced purpose-designed ExpressRail mounting rails for tiled roofs and SwiftRail for profiled sheet roofs.  The REDtip range also features a tough wrap-around jointing plate and easy assembly module clamps.

The anchors have been designed in accordance with BS EN 490, BS EN 1304 and BS EN 12326 to match British tile and slate dimensions. They are also expected to be one of the first roof anchors to receive full MCS product accreditation and have recently been used on the new roof-mounted PV solar array at BRE's research and office complex.

“Maintaining the integrity of a slate or tiled roof is the single most time-consuming task facing any PV system installer,” explained Gordon Ridgers of Solar Seller.

“Until now, there has been no other option for installers who have had to use imported hooks that are not designed for the style, size or fitting specifications of the roof materials we have in this country so fitting the tiles and slates around such hooks can be really tricky. We know from practical experience that this has been a real headache for many PV installers here in the UK – especially given the pitch of our roofs, the scale of the retro-fitting market and the typical weather conditions we experience.”

The new anchors are available by next-day delivery from Solar Seller, Hexstone’s Stainless Threaded Fasteners (STF) and JCP Owlett approved stockists.