The UK division of Chinese PV manufacturer ReneSola has sold 40 domestic energy storage units to an installation company in Essex, England.

The lithium-ion battery storage systems have been purchased by Think Green Energy, and will be delivered via a distributor, also based in Essex, east of London. So far thirty of the units, Renesola’s Novaplus RFP-2000E5 model, have been delivered, with a handful already installed.

The units are 2kW, plug and play which Renesola claims is easy to install and easy to use. According to the company, Think Green Energy has already ordered another 20 units to add to the initial 40.  

Renesola technical support officer Joe Van Wyk spoke to PV Tech Storage at the Ecobuild show in London earlier in the year. In the video below, Van Wyk demonstrates the 2kW/2kWh storage system, how to use it, how to install it, as well as the “geeky fun” of taking control of and monitoring home energy use.

The UK is yet to offer support schemes or subsidy programmes for energy storage, with only Germany leading the way in Europe by offering a cash subsidy for residential energy storage system buyers. Calls for support and greater education on storage are growing, with UK scientists, engineers and politicians echoing the call of industry for greater awareness of the possible benefits storage could bring.