The Renewable Energy Installation Guarantee Agency (REIGA) has ceased trading as of January 2014.

REIGA claims that, despite “protracted” negotiations with its insurers, the two parties failed to agree a deposit and workmanship guarantee at “a competitive rate”.

In a statement on its website, REIGA said it will continue to operate the administration department for the ‘next few months’ in order to deal with day-to-day matters. The company is assuring solar installers that all money owed to them will be identified and repaid to them in full over the following weeks.

Solar Power Portal had been told that it would receive a statement from the company’s directors on 14 January 2014 but has yet to receive anything at the time of publication.

The closure of REIGA has caused a number of installers to pose questions about the state of current warranties and where the closure will leave them in the future.

Solar Power Portal will update this story as soon as it receives anymore information.

Below is a copy of the email sent out to installers informing them that REIGA has ceased trading:

6th January 2014

Dear Installer

This email is to advise you that REIGA ceased trading on the 1st January 2014 following the failure of protracted negotiations with our insurers to provide a deposit and workmanship guarantee at a competitive rate. The administration department of REIGA will continue to operate for the next few months dealing with any day-to-day matters that may arise. Monies held or owed to installers will be identified and repaid to them over the next few weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime please address them to [email protected].

We thank you for your support and custom over the last few years. We would direct you to the Renewable Energy Consumer Code website where there is a link to other guarantees available under the code. We are sure you are aware that the address of that website is