According to the latest research from E.ON, 75 percent of Britons are currently ignoring the benefits of smart meters. The UK energy provider found that by disregarding this technology, UK consumers are missing out on energy bill savings of up to 4 percent.

E.ON’s research highlighted that men are twice as likely as women to want a smart meter, yet women would reduce their energy usage more so than men if they could visualise their behaviour. In fact, almost two-thirds (59 percent) of people would reduce their energy usage if they could visualise exactly how much they were using.

The research also found that there is a lot of confusion around smart meters, with just under two thirds (60 percent) of people claiming to know what one is. More than half of over 55 year olds were found most likely to be able to correctly define what a smart meter is, while 18-24 year olds were highlighted as the most enthusiastic about smart meters having a positive effect on their lives. Yet, while many could identify what a smart meter is, less than half (45 percent) could correctly define its role of enabling two-way communications between an energy supplier and a household's electricity and gas meter.

The research also found that the use of consumer technology in households is on the up, with 55 percent of people citing its positive effect in providing more access to advice and information. The energy provider is now calling for people to reflect this behaviour in their energy use through smart meters so they can make positive changes and benefit from energy savings.

Jean Fiddes, Head of Customer Learning for Smart Meters at E.ON, said: “Technology is playing an empowering role in our lives and our research highlights people are keen to extend this to their energy use. Smart meters allow consumers to easily visualise their energy consumption daily, weekly and monthly, meaning they have increased transparency into their daily energy habits, providing accurate bills and greater management of their finances.” 

Lucy Hedges, Multimedia Editor at Stuff, said: “With the explosion in smartphone apps over the last 18 months, people are keeping track of their daily routines on the go. Whether it's to analyse their exercise, keep track of their banking or monitor their health, the ability to view their behaviours is proving to be a huge success. It's a natural step to extend this trend into a home's energy use and smart meters provide a great way of helping people manage their cash budgets.”

Government aims to install a smart meter in every home by 2019.