RES has completed 272MW/371MWh worth of enegry storage projects across Europe and North America. Image: RES.

RES has sold its 50MW Roaring Hill Energy Storage Project to clean energy enterprise TagEnergy.

The project – which consists of 18 battery enclosures – was consented in two phases by Fife Council. It is to provide grid stabilisation and ancillary grid services, supporting the network by balancing supply and demand.

Franck Woitiez, CEO at TagEnergy, said: “Our significant battery storage expertise means we can leverage our flexible energy supply to optimise the energy market while helping to stabilise the grid and increasing renewables’ share of it.”

TagEnergy has developed a portfolio of close to 2GW in Portugal, Spain, the UK and Australia, based on solar, wind and battery storage technologies. RES, meanwhile, has completed 272MW/371MWh worth of energy storage projects across Europe and North America.

In May, it sold an 80MW energy storage project to Gore Street Energy Storage Fund, and in the same month secured planning permission for a 99.9MW energy storage project set to be operational in late 2023.

RES is also providing O&M services for the Minety battery storage project, which consists of two 50MW batteries developed by Penso Power and funded by China Huaneng Group and CNIC Corporation.