The UK solar market is currently resetting before the next phase of deployment under 1.2 ROCs up to 31 March 2017. At the same time, the Republic of Ireland is preparing for new solar specific government incentives expected to help the market take off in 2017.

Within both of these markets however, there remains huge uncertainty as to which sites will be built and how companies can best align with the correct site opportunities and the supply-chain that will evolve as solar farm plans come to fruition.

This free webinar from Solar Power Portal provides information on the current status of solar farm opportunities in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, helping companies to adapt their sales and marketing strategies to overlap with expected demand in these two countries.

Using the latest market research findings from our in-house team, Finlay Colville and Lauren Cook explain what to look out for in the coming months that will position companies to fully exploit the opportunity pipelines in the UK and Ireland.