Electrical and renewables distributor, Rexel UK, is set to unveil a number of announcements during Solar Energy UK 2015 — including a new partnership agreements with Smappee and Valk Solar Systems.

Rexel will now distribute Smappee, a home energy monitor that records real-time data on household energy usage and lists the cost of essential running appliances in the home, giving customers greater insight into their energy behavior. By utilising Smappee, home owners could save an estimated 30% on their electricity bill, according to the manufacturer.

The product is able to wirelessly sync it data to a tablet or smartphone app, allowing users to monitor their home remotely. Smappee is easy to install, as it is connected to a home’s fuse box with a clip-on sensor.

Steve Everard, head of Rexel Energy Solutions UK, said: “The reality is, the first step to true energy efficiency in the home is monitoring. Unfortunately, many of us do not appreciate the cost of running the appliances in our home, but Smappee bridges this gap by enabling users to actually see how much, when and where money is being spent through energy consumption. In this way it can enforce positive action, encouraging them to proactively change the way they use appliances in their home.”

Everard added: As we all know, recent years have seen a revolution in smart green technology in the home as more and more homeowners seek to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. In fact, recent market research has predicted that one in four UK households will contain at least one smart home system within the next five years.”

“As such, Smappee is the perfect starting step for any homeowner on the path to sustainability; offering hassle-free installation, advanced control and full transparency of their energy costs. The result is long term energy cost benefits for the end-user and a new profit opportunity for the installer.”

Rexel has also secured distribution rights with Valk Solar Systems a Netherlands-based company that focuses on developing solar mounting systems for both commercial and domestic sources.

As part of the new partnership, all Rexel branches, including Newey & Eyre, Denmans, WF Senate, Parker Merchanting and Wilts, will all have access to Valk Solar Systems’ product portfolio.

Everard noted: “Constituting one of the biggest solar brands to emerge in recent years, Valk Solar Systems offer an extensive product range which not only meets the very highest quality requirements but is supported with second to none stock capability and delivery times.”

Denis de Vette, commercial director at Van der Valk Solar Systems, said: “Having worked with Rexel Holland for a number of years, we have been incredibly impressed by the business’ commitment to propelling the green agenda. In addition to providing access to the world’s leading renewable solutions first, its dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable experts are able to a holistic solution which continue solve their customers’ energy needs and exceed expectations.”