One of the UK’s Grade II listed churches now features a 9kW array after successfully receiving planning permission.

St Mark’s Church, located in the diocese of Ripon and Leeds, has installed 39 solar panels on its roof. The installers, David Barclay Electrical and Solar, had to task of fitting the panels to Grade II planning requirements. This meant installing on a roof with a shallow incline and a parapet wall to ensure that the panels are generally not visible from ground level.

Guy Donegan-Cross, the Vicar of St Mark’s, said: “It’s [the installation] not just about power and financial efficiency. It’s about doing our bit to take seriously our call from God to look after the planet.”

“The panels will generate around 8,100kWh each year,” said Michelle Hayes, from St Mark’s Environment Group.  “This means that they will save the equivalent of over 7,000kg of CO2 a year which is the equivalent of the CO2 generated by 32,000 car miles.”

The Environment group received a grant to cover 56 percent of the costs from not-for-profit group WREN. The organisation’s Managing Director, Peter Cox, said: “WREN makes a difference to people’s lives by awarding grants to community, environmental and heritage projects across the UK. We’re delighted to support St Mark’s and their valuable work.”