Riomay Renewable Energies has calculated that by switching from sole reliance on fossil fuels to renewable sources, UK homeowners could earn up to £1,000 a year, tax free, for 25 years. By installing Government-incentivised green technologies, such as solar panels, UK residents can now actually get paid for the energy they generate at home as well as benefitting from the energy itself.

This prospect has become more attractive than ever as energy providers begin to increase the amount they’re charging for power. Ofgem warned to expect 20% electricity price hikes by 2020, and advised that future supplies were in jeopardy. Scottish Power is the most recent company to begin this trend, announcing its intention to amplify the price of gas by 19% and electricity by 10%. This threatens to increase the average bill payers’ payments from £115.4 – £138.48 by the summer of 2011.

Alan Aldridge, Managing Director of Riomay Renewable Energies said, “Householders spend a lot of time ensuring that their energy provider is giving them the best deal around, yet are still hesitant to consider alternative energy alternatives. Fossil fuel energy is no longer going to be a viable option for our children’s and grandchildren’s future and its demise will only push present fuel prices up higher and higher. Renewable energy makes sense – both financially and environmentally. You don’t need to be living in a house featured on Grand Designs to consider renewable energy – even the roof of an average terrace house can generate significant energy to help run a household and save money.”