Riomay Renewable Energies has secured a contract to install a 134kWp solar photovoltaic system on the Upwell Park retirement complex in March, Cambridgeshire. The installation will create enough energy to cover the lighting and cooking for each of the 66 bungalows every day.

As well as benefitting from the free electricity, each dwelling will also be able to take advantage of Government’s feed-in tariff scheme. Snowmountain Enterprises, which owns the property, has decided to pass on the FiT savings from the electricity generated to the tenants of the bungalows.

Tony Book, Executive Director of Riomay said, “This project has been a pleasure to work on. The company understand the environmental and financial benefits of installing renewable energy and knew exactly what they wanted. They have been model clients.”

“We were recommended Riomay by an associate,” said John and Ben Skoulding, at Upwell Park. “We found they completely lived up to their reputation in the industry and were efficient, proactive and professional. They advised us at every step to the best solution and we felt that their expertise and knowledge within the renewable market is second to none.”

Having received planning permission and grid-connection confirmation, the project is scheduled for completion this summer. The project is expected to save approximately 73,000kg of carbon dioxide each year.