A flexible, transportable solar array that can be easily deployed or stored has taken one step closer to launching after raising £263,000 through an online crowdfunding campaign.

UK cleantech start-up, Renovagen has developed a rollable solar array that uses flexible thin-film solar arrays attached to a tensile fabric – allowing the system to be stored on an electric spool. The company’s ‘Roll Array’ product is aiming to compete with diesel generators by not only offering cheaper electricity, but also cleaner electricity.

The company believes that the rollable solar array will be especially useful for military applications, disaster relief, mining and events. Renovagen estimates that a standard 20-foot shipping container could house a 100kWp Roll-Array. In addition, multiple systems can be used in concert to generate multi-megawatts of transportable energy.

Renovagen called for investment from the public on online crowd-funding platform Crowdcube. The fundraising push was 70% oversubscribed, with 160 investors contributing over £260,000.   

John Hingley, founder and CEO of Renovagen, said: “This is an extremely exciting time for Renovagen, having achieved a huge amount of progress in developing the technology this year, we finally have a 6kW system live-running and meeting all our performance expectations.

“This product has huge potential for reducing carbon emissions and local pollution caused by diesel generators in remote and sensitive environments – whilst saving our customers money and even saving lives in some disaster relief and military situations.

“We're extremely pleased to have secured the funding to move to the next stage in our development, including pilot deployments and market launch, and would like to thank the 160 investors who supported us through Crowdcube.”

Looking ahead, Renovagen will continue to field test its prototype with an eye towards a full product launch in 2015.

Renovagen Crowdcube Pitch Video from John Hingley on Vimeo.