Specialist glass manufacturer Romag, which has recently been acquired by the Gentoo Group, has appointed 20 new staff members in order to meet demand for its increasing product portfolio, which includes solar photovoltaics.

Phil Murray, the newly-appointed Managing Director of Romag said, “Romag is committed to supplying the highest quality products in order to meet customer requirements, both now and in the future. Working alongside our current team, the new staff will be instrumental in helping us to do just that.

“With demand for solar PV on the up, we are also investing in a third production line to further expand capacity and benefit from the fantastic growth opportunities that the renewable energy sector offers moving forward.”

Romag will continue grow its business as the PV market in the UK expands. As one of only two PV assembly companies in the UK, Romag is trusted worldwide to provide PV panels to meet the extensive needs of its diverse customer base.

Suitable for a wide range of projects, including new build and retrofit housing, all Romag’s PV panels are MSC accredited.