France-based Rtone is set to introduce its latest photovoltaic monitoring solution to the UK solar market at the Solar Power UK 2011 exhibition, to be held in Birmingham on October 26 – 28. The Rbee Solar system, which is designed for use by installers, makes it possible to curb the breakdowns and failures of solar installations.

The certified meter can be combined with all inverters, interacting with an information portal which enables both the installer and the customer to keep an eye on the solar installation’s performance.

The Rbee’s GSM/GPRS modem sends the PV system data to a server, where the data is compared to the sunshine measurements that the system calculates using satellite data and information on the location of the house and the angle of inclination. If the solar installation breaks down, or if the performance ratio falls below a previously-defined level, the monitor triggers an alarm, sending a warning email to both the installers and their customers. This trigger is designed to prevent production disruption and maintain optimum performance.

The Rbee Solar monitoring solution consists of an official generation meter and does not require any additional equipment.