Rtone has launched WatchMyPV – a low-cost online monitoring tool designed to ensure the correct operation of residential arrays.

Unlike alternative solutions on the market, WatchMyPV does not require any equipment to be installed at the home. Instead, the owner of the system is asked to upload a regular reading from his electric meter.

Using calculated data based on the characteristics of the installation (location, orientation, angle etc.) WatchMyPV will compare the data, analyse it and check that the system is performing as expected.  

If the application detects any anomalies it then warns the user that there could be a problem with the equipment installed.

The company states that the WatchMyPV service is designed for the majority of solar PV owners who have no reliable method if checking whether their installation is operating correctly and whether it is cost-effective.

Rtone will be charging £29 for an annual subscription to its WatchMyPV service.