Driffield Rugby Club has enlisted the services of local solar installer, Dodds Solar, to install a £35,000 array on the roof of its Kelleythorpe clubhouse.

Ben Medhurst, a former player and now member of the club’s Executive Committee, told the Driffield Times & Post that: “We had become aware of the potential financial benefits available through the Government-backed feed-in tariff initiative and we knew we had to act quickly if we were to qualify for the higher rate return.

“Thankfully, we are a well-supported club and, with the help of a very proficient installation team from Dodds, we were able to raise sufficient funds and complete the project in just a couple of weeks.

“It was a big investment for the club but Driffield is a well-run, well-structured club that operates as much as a small business as a rugby playing organisation and we took what we believe was a very good commercial decision”.

Dodds Managing Director, Graham Dodds, added: “Most local rugby, football and cricket clubs rely on players and volunteers to keep the coffers in good shape, so cutting a big overhead cost such as electricity has got to be a good move. We forecast this will save Driffield RUFC more than £2,000 a year.”

The design of the system posed a particular challenge to the Yorkshire-based solar firm because of the shading of the pre-housed extraction units that protruded from the roof. Dodds forecasts that the 20kWp system will pay for itself within eight years, significantly reducing the clubs utility bills and helping slash its carbon footprint in the process.