When C Changes Ltd was contracted to install a solar PV system on Derbyshire-based church it was faced with a challenge. Unlike the more familiar domestic installations, this project required in-depth discussions with both English Heritage and the Lead Sheet Association (LSA).

The church’s lead roof created a number of issues with regards to the best method of fixing the panels, whilst still maintaining the weatherproofing of the roof and respecting the ancient construction and the Church’s Listed Building Status.

In the end C Changes, with guidance from the LSA and with full approval from the church architect and church authorities, were able to install lead up-stands that were welded onto the roof by heritage accredited welders, Martin Brooks Roofing. Wooden blocks were then fixed to the roof and lead caps placed over these to ensure that the roof remained watertight.

Tamperproof fixings were also utilised to secure the solar panels to deter and ultimately prevent lead thieves while a fireman’s switch was fitted inside the church so that fire fighters can instantly kill power to the panels in the event of a fire.

C Changes worked to complete the project before the March 3 deadline to ensure the church received the highest feed-in tariff rates.