Sanyo Component Europe has announced the microgeneration certification of several of its high efficiency solar modules, including the HIT range. The newly accredited modules include the new N series, including the 240W module which has a cell conversion efficiency of 21.6% and a world’s top level module efficiency for crystalline-based silicon modules of 19%.

Also accredited is the HD type 250W module, with 20.8% cell efficiency and 18% module efficiency. The new HD type, being a 250W output module requires just 12 modules to make up a 3kW system size, suitable for a standard UK residential home.

Sanyo’s HIT modules are known to have 99.9962% reliability due to their low failure level.The newly accredited high efficiency modules mean that homeowners in the UK installing solar systems will be able to generate more electricity than before and get further benefit from the FiT scheme.

Shigeki Komatsu, Director of the European Solar Division for Sanyo said, “In the case of the UK, roof tops are rather limited in size and most installations are around 2kW in size. This means that without high efficiency modules there is next to no benefit for the home owner. Not only do our products have the top level energy conversion efficiency, we also offer a performance guarantee of 80% after 25 years. This is critical for the homeowner since the UK FiT also lasts 25 years.”

The new N type modules from Sanyo are already in production and the HD type will be available from March. All will be produced at the factory in Hungary which is currently undergoing an expansion in production capacity from 165MW to 315MW, scheduled for completion in March 2011.

Sanyo’s UK-based distributors include Alternergy, IBC Solar, Solarcentury, TechnoSun UK and Wagner Solar.

Certified modules include:


Cell Efficiency:

Module Efficiency:

Output / m²

HIT –N240SE10



190 W/ m²

HIT –N235SE10



186 W/ m²

HIT –N230SE10



182 W/ m²

HIT –H250E01



180 W/ m²

HIT – H245E01



177 W/ m²




173 W/ m²




171 W/ m²