This case study was provided by EvoEnergy

Solar PV Feasibility

Mr Barton has high electricity usage and after some research concluded that with the clean energy cashbacks incentive and a SSE/SSW facing roof, solar PV would be an ideal investment to make his home more energy efficient.

Solar PV Panel Selection

Following his research and detailed conversations with the EvoEnergy sales team, Mr Barton decided that he wanted to maximise electricity generation for his roof, whilst reducing his carbon footprint by selecting high efficiency SanyoHIP 215NKHE PV panels.

Sanyo Solar PV Panels

The Sanyo HIP 215 are hybrid panels, they combine simultaneous conversion from high quality monocrystalline silicon and an amorphous silicon coating. Amorphous silicon absorbs light towards the blue end of the spectrum, which results in an unparalleled conversion efficiency of 17%.

Solar PV Final Design

Mr Barton’s final decision was a PV system comprising of 16 x 215W Sanyo Hybrid PV panels. The whole system PV installation would take two days. The PV inverter chosen for this particular system based on technical suitability was SMA SB3300.

Solar PV Feed in Tariff

This system has a predicted output of 3,226kWh/yr and therefore will earn around £1,000 on the feed in tariff.* Meaning that Mr Barton should get an 8% return on his investment.

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