Solar Schools has announced that it has raised over £100,000 in eight months in order to install solar arrays on 19 schools across the UK.

The programme, run by 10:10, encourages schools to use a combination of fundraising techniques to help raise the money required to install solar. 10:10 calculates that a typical PV installation will generate over £30,000 in energy savings and associated feed-in tariff (FiT) payments for a school over the array's FiT lifespan.

Commenting on the progress of the 19 schools, Amy Cameron, Solar Schools’ campaign manger said: “We’re blown away by what the schools have achieved. Armed with our tools and training they have far exceeded their usual fundraising efforts and you can feel their excitement.

“Solar Schools isn’t just about putting panels on roofs, it’s about helping communities realise what they can achieve together. This £100,000 is testament to that.”

Greg Barker and Michael Gove recently identified British schools as prime candidates for solar installations in the UK’s recent Solar Strategy.

The department of education has said that it will actively encourage the deployment of PV on schools in addition to boosting energy efficiency. Commenting on the potential of solar, education secretary Michael Gove said: “Solar panels are a sensible choice for schools, particularly in terms of the financial benefits they can bring. It is also a great way for pupils to engage with environmental issues and think about where energy comes from.”

Solar Schools is now accepting applications for 2014-15, with 20 places available for schools interested in solar.