Building-integrated photovoltaics specialist Schueco UK has launched the SCC60 with ProSolar TF cladding system, which can be installed into the side of buildings and other structures. Designed specifically for use with ProSolar TF thin-film modules, the ventilated façade can provide weather protection, insulation and sustainable energy production.

Schueco also supplies all the additional components, including wiring, connectors, inverters that are needed to achieve an optimum system configuration and low system losses. The thin-film modules can be up to 2.6m wide x 2.2m high, but the use of Schueco’s fixed-size module measuring 1.3m wide x 1.1m high offers substantial economic benefits.

Many types of buildings in both the private and public sectors can benefit from Schueco SCC 60 with ProSol TF including multi-storey flats and offices, warehouses, industrial buildings, hospitals and schools. The system is also suitable for retro-fitting.