The Scottish government has launched a consultation which proposes to remove planning permission requirements for all commercial solar installs.

The government is reviewing permitted development rights for solar installed on commercial property with a view to removing the current 50kWp cap. The Scottish government says that it believes the move would “help support the market for solar panels, whilst also reducing the reliance of individual properties on fossil fuel heat and power sources.”

The move echoes a similar one taken by England and Wales which raised the permitted development threshold for commercial solar installs from 50kWp to 1MW in March this year.

Reacting to the news, STA Scotland Chairman John Forster said: “We are delighted that, so soon after our engagement with the Scottish Government, Scotland is not just going to equal but go further than England on permitted development for solar.

“This will help enormously in fulfilling Scotland’s solar potential and fulfilling Scotland’s 100% renewables target. But most importantly, it will make it easier for Scottish businesses to save money on their energy bills by putting solar on their roofs.”

The trade association has particularly welcomed the fact that the proposals would mean that permitted development rights would not require prior notification, extend to solar thermal and would still apply to buildings near airports.

The government’s consultation will close on 27 August 2015.