Scottish industry ‘assured’ of plans to deploy 6GW of solar by 2030. Image: Scottish Greens.
Scottish industry ‘assured’ of plans to deploy 6GW of solar by 2030. Image: Scottish Greens.

The Scottish Greens Party has been assured that the government plans to deploy as much as 6GW of new solar power in the next six years.

Announced at their 2023 Autumn party conference in Dunfermline, the Greens stated that the target will “provide confidence to companies to invest in the technology as part of their energy mix, creating jobs and opportunities, and highlighting the Scottish government’s commitment and ambition on renewables”.

The party’s co-leader and Green Minister, Lorna Slater, stated that they had secured a commitment from the Scottish government for at least 4GW of solar to be delivered, or more. This creates certainties for the Scottish solar industry and incentivises investment into the renewable sector.

Addressing the target, Slater said: “This will give Scotland’s growing solar industry the confidence they need to invest, create jobs, and help us accelerate the transition to green energy.”

Thomas McMillan, chair of Solar Energy Scotland, said: “The delivery of 4-6GW of solar in Scotland by 2030 will create jobs, reduce carbon emissions and help tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

“As a modular technology, solar is by far, the most affordable and accessible renewable energy technology, it can be installed on residential buildings, commercial buildings, carports or as a ground mounted system as a solar farm.

“Setting a clear target for solar will benefit the industry, boosting investment and will ensure coherent action and direction across many policy areas, ranging from planning decisions on projects to creating green economic opportunities for people across Scotland.”

McMillan concluded: “The Scottish government has listened and acted, and we applaud them for that. Vision, ambition, and action are the three essential ingredients that are required in political leadership to address the climate crisis.”