Despite the recent, somewhat turbulent, UK solar market conditions; Solar Electricity Systems has seen a sharp rise in sales.

Recording a 17-fold increase in earnings, the Scottish renewable energy specialist posted sales of £10.75m in the period to the end of 2011, compared to just £712k in the 17 months from start up to March 31, 2011. The company is now forecasting that current financial year sales through to March 31, 2012 will reach £12.5m.

After amplified interest sparked by the newly-proposed feed-in tariff rates, Solar Electricity Systems has also increased its workforce to 40 staff members as well as expanding its Glasgow-based premises. 

The company has also recently gained MCS accreditation, meaning it no longer has to sub-contract work to registered installers.

Solar Electricity Systems Founder, Jim Kirkland, said: “Accreditation is vitally important to our current success and our future growth. It is a guarantee to customers that they are getting a top quality service which will allow them to be fully compliant with government schemes – but still at a remarkably competitive price.”

“The rapid growth we have experienced over 2011 means we are currently on track to record sales of more than £12.5 million in the year to March 2012. And, just like the solar energy our PV panels produce, we believe our future growth is wholly sustainable.”