Seaward has revealed a new AC/DC clamp meter that is designed to provide effective power measurement and diagnostic testing of solar PV systems.

The Seaward Solar Power Clamp is capable of measuring DC and AC circuit power, in addition to true RMS voltage and current, harmonic distortion, power factor, resistance & continuity, diode check and capacitance.

Seaward has specifically designed the power meter for solar installers and technicians alike, allowing detailed power measurement and analysis of AC and DC systems as well as carrying out diagnostic checks on inverters.

The Seaward Power Clamp can be simply clipped over the cable for power efficiency analysis, this measures current from the inverter and the supplied in-line connectors can be used to measure DC voltage while the PV modules are connected to the inverter, allowing an accurate power reading while the array is operational.  

The Power Clamp is equipped with full clamp on multimeter functions and is suitable for use on systems up to 600A AC or DC current and 1000V.