In response to reduced feed-in-tariff (FiT) rates, Aldershot distributor, Segen, is lowering its PV product prices by 3.5%.

The 3.5% discount will last for three months, from 1 July to the 1 October, and apply to all of Segen’s PV installations 0-50kW.

Segen has said this reduction is for UK installers to pass on savings to end-users and prevent a fall in demand.

Andy Pegg, CEO of Segen, said: “It is a tough time for UK installers at the moment. They have recently seen their costs pushed up due to the Chinese anti-dumping tariff and today’s feed-in tariff cut will only reduce margins further”

Pegg continued: “It is Segen’s responsibility to help its customers weather the storm, and these price reductions will hopefully go a long way to ensuring that there is not a fall in end-user demand for solar panels.”

The revised solar feed-in tariff brought in last year includes an automatic degression rate that sees the available tariffs reduce incrementally. From today the FiTs available for installations up to 50kW in size will decrease by 3.5%.