Having partnered with Canadian Solar earlier this month, UK distributer Segen has announced that it will be adding China-based ReneSola’s range of solar modules to its growing portfolio.

Segen is now stocking the 245W and 250W Virtus modules in response to recent customer demand and anticipated future requirements in the solar PV market.

The Virtus range is claimed to offer excellent electricity generation capacity under high temperatures, as well as a lower level of light induced degradation. The range also surpasses the conventional 16.5 percent efficiency for multicrystalline PV cells and is able to convert photons to electrons at efficiencies of over 18.2 percent. This is achieved by ReneSola’s quasi-mono wafer technology, which combines the high quality of mono and low cost of multicrystalline silicon PV technology to produce a more efficient and cost-effective quasi-mono wafer.

Andy Pegg, Managing Director at Segen, said: “ReneSola’s commitment to the advancement of solar PV technology makes them an ideal partner for Segen. They are already a well-established and respected multinational manufacturer and their range of cutting-edge Virtus modules are an asset to Segen’s ever expanding product portfolio.”

Jijun Shi, President of Renesola Europe, added: “ReneSola are excited to be entering the UK market and we are thrilled to be working with the UK’s leading distributor of solar PV products. The collaboration will provide the highest quality PV panels to a growing UK solar market.”